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Case Study – Fully Automated Smarthotel

Thanks to the HotelTime Solutions systems and a wide range of integration options that HotelTime offers, a fully automated smart hotel could have been built in Olomouc.  Main benefits of using HotelTime Enables fully automated operation Enables hotel to run self-service restaurant Significant reduction of costs for staff Reduced costs for IT administration “In 2018 […]

Improving Guests’ Journey: Automation in Hospitality

Reduction of manual errors, reduction of employee workload, an improvement of productivity and promotion of efficiency, processes acceleration, and costs reduction. These are some of the benefits that come with automation. A process that is not at all foreign to the hospitality industry, even though it is an area that is fundamentally based on people […]

Towards Humanless Revenue Management: The Role of PMSs

Homo Sapiens or Homo Algorithmus? According to McKinsey, AI-based pricing can deliver between $259.1B to $500B in global market value. But the critical question remains: can Revenue Management be completely automated? The answer is: theoretically, yes, but, in practice, things are a little more nuanced. But let’s step back for a second and try to […]

RMSs – a modern way to make more money

The technology in hospitality is constantly changing. Currently, the evolution is driven by the rise of cloud-based systems which among other things considerably widens the integration possibilities for hotels. Nowadays hoteliers can choose between various types of systems and build their hotel tech stack according to each hotel’s needs. Revenue Management Systems (RMSs) are one […]

Case Study – Asten Hotels

HotelTime Solutions software has enabled Asten Hotels to manage all properties more flexibly, automate internal processes, and it also minimized manual work allowing personnel to devote maximum time to guests.  Main benefits  easier and more flexible management thanks to the accessibility of the system from anywhere  reduced costs for IT administration  modern and efficient operation […]

5 ways your PMS should be helping you naviagate Covid (and Post Covid) landscape

Providing the correct Self Check-In options Self Check-In is a generic term that has been floating around Hoteliers to-do lists for a while. It mostly settled somewhere towards the bottom.   Meanwhile “Seamless Digital Guest Journey” seems like the most recent buzz-phrase that has sprung up around the Covid-19 Pandemic. Whilst Pre-registration seems like the poorer […]

How to choose your next PMS

It isn’t straightforward today for hoteliers to choose a PMS. There are so many technical words that you can get lost. If you should give a piece of advice to hoteliers when picking a system, what would it be? It would be to try to make qualified decisions, not solely based on brand or marketing, […]

Funnel TV – SpaceX, The future and The Cloud!

At HotelTime we pride ourselves on having a team that are experts in their field and respected throughout the Industry. Therefore it is no surprise when they are asked to speak on various platforms. Most recently George Titlow, our Director of Sales in the UK appeared on the an episode of ‘Digital; The Top 10 […]

Chatting with Partners.. Cloud systems and Lockdown Haircuts!

At HotelTime we pride our selves on working closely with our Clients – we live and breathe hotels and always like to get to know our clients! However as an open platform with many integrations we also maintain strong relationships with our integration partners and other Industry experts. Our team are known in the industry […]