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L’Hotels modernised operation with HotelTime Solutions

HotelTime Solutions systems opened L’Hotels a way towards modern, automated operation, helped to reduce the manual work of staff, created a modern experience for guests and their installation was the first step to increase sales as well. Benefits of HotelTime Solutions Modern innovative cloud system Better care for guests, noticeably less manual work for staff […]

Thai Garden Resort opted for HotelTime PMS

Thanks to HotelTime Solutions, Thai Garden Resort is now using a user-friendly cloud system that supports implementation of third-party systems and is compatible with an accounting software resort’s staff is using. Benefits of HotelTime Solutions Efficient and professional management of a large hotel Flawlessly functioning accounting department A comprehensive solution for all hotel services – […]

HotelTime Solutions integrate with Adyen

HotelTime Solutions add Adyen among integrated systems. Adyen will ensure faster processing and better automation of payments within HotelTime Payments service. Adyen is a payment platform that provides a modern end-to-end infrastructure connecting directly to Visa, Mastercard and consumers’ globally preferred payment methods. The integration between HotelTime Solutions and Adyen will ensure an affordable payment […]

Case Study – English boutique hotel

In Losehill House HotelTime Solutions opened a way to build a more effective operation. Options to implement integrated third-party systems have led to greater automation and to an increase in the hotel’s total revenue. Main benefits of using HotelTime Effective and professional hotel administration even with a small team Comprehensive solution – for accommodation, restaurant, […]

How PMSs help mobile applications push hospitality forward

Guests’ satisfaction has been dependent on the work of hotel employees for a long time. However, hotels may not have enough staff (a common phenomenon today) or they may encounter understandable staff limits (people are not reachable nonstop or can be slow, etc.). This can lead to problematic situations such as check-in queues or insufficient […]

Case Study – Fully Automated Smarthotel

Thanks to the HotelTime Solutions systems and a wide range of integration options that HotelTime offers, a fully automated smart hotel could have been built in Olomouc.  Main benefits of using HotelTime Enables fully automated operation Enables hotel to run self-service restaurant Significant reduction of costs for staff Reduced costs for IT administration “In 2018 […]

Improving Guests’ Journey: Automation in Hospitality

Reduction of manual errors, reduction of employee workload, an improvement of productivity and promotion of efficiency, processes acceleration, and costs reduction. These are some of the benefits that come with automation. A process that is not at all foreign to the hospitality industry, even though it is an area that is fundamentally based on people […]

Towards Humanless Revenue Management: The Role of PMSs

Homo Sapiens or Homo Algorithmus? According to McKinsey, AI-based pricing can deliver between $259.1B to $500B in global market value. But the critical question remains: can Revenue Management be completely automated? The answer is: theoretically, yes, but, in practice, things are a little more nuanced. But let’s step back for a second and try to […]

RMSs – a modern way to make more money

The technology in hospitality is constantly changing. Currently, the evolution is driven by the rise of cloud-based systems which among other things considerably widens the integration possibilities for hotels. Nowadays hoteliers can choose between various types of systems and build their hotel tech stack according to each hotel’s needs. Revenue Management Systems (RMSs) are one […]