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15.8.2022 —— 5 reading minutes

L’Hotels modernised operation with HotelTime Solutions

HotelTime Solutions systems opened L’Hotels a way towards modern, automated operation, helped to reduce the manual work of staff, created a modern experience for guests and their installation was the first step to increase sales as well.

Benefits of HotelTime Solutions 

  • Modern innovative cloud system
  • Better care for guests, noticeably less manual work for staff
  • Automation
  • Extensive options of integration with third-party systems
  • Regular, quickly available, accurate reporting

About L‘Hotels

L’Embitu and L’Ermitage are 4* hotels with more than 120 rooms located in the centre of Tallinn that offer luxury accommodation. At L’Embit, guests can among other things enjoy an amazing rooftop restaurant with a view of the city. L’Ermitage is located very close to the beautiful historic centre of Tallinn.


The L’Embitu hotel originally used a legacy on-site system, which made the work of the hotel staff rather complicated. A hardware had to be purchased in order to work with the PMS and access to the system was only possible from the hotel. The hotel staff also had a problem with reporting, which they had to prepare manually. As soon as the second hotel, L’Ermitage, was built, the management wanted to switch to a cloud system. The HotelTime PMS was implemented and within a few months the L’Embitu hotel also switched to it. So, L’Hotels has completely moved away from a legacy on-site system.

Hotels’ needs:

  • Modern PMS
  • Less manual work for staff
  • Effective reporting for management


The implementation of HotelTime Solutions cloud-based PMS allowed staff to get rid of the hardware they were using, while at the same time the possibility to access the system was extended. HotelTime Solutions systems are accessible from any device from anywhere, while at the same time they bring much higher level of data security.

Furthermore, HotelTime PMS significantly reduced the manual work the staff had to do and helped to automate processes in hotels. Payment automation has accelerated guest check-in and eliminated the need to enter payments manually, the concierge module enabled online check-in, the housekeeping application increased the efficiency of cleaning and internal communication in the hotels, etc.

In addition, HotelTime PMS also significantly moved forward the reporting within L’Hotels. Originally, the staff had to create various reports manually, now the management can rely on automatic daily reporting, and any other reports can be easily generated directly from the system. No additional manual work is required.

Hotels’ needs:

  • Automation
  • Third-party systems
  • Modern experience for guests


The HotelTime Solutions cloud PMS, unlike the older legacy system, brought L’Hotels extensive options of integration with third-party systems. The management of L’Hotels decided that they want to have an efficient, modern, automatic operation, and therefore decided to automate payments (HotelTime Payments service), automate pricing (Atomize) or implement AeroGuest mobile application.

These systems and services led to higher profits for both hotels, and further freed the hands of the staff, who can now fully focus on the needs of the guests present in the hotels. The implementation of these software also creates a modern experience for guests who can enjoy their stay and take care of everything from their phone remotely, without having to spend almost any time at the reception desk.