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14.2.2023 —— 5 reading minutes

SUHA Hospitality

SUHA Hospitality decided to take a step towards more automated processes, reliable reporting, and first-class customer service. All of these they gained with HotelTime Solutions cloud-based software.

Main benefits of using HotelTime Solutions 

  • Robust and clear reporting
  • Significant elimination of manual work
  • Possibility to use third-party software
  • Multiproperty solution – managing multiple properties from one place

We switched to a cloud-based HotelTime PMS and we are more effective and less overwhelmed with work since then. A real-time interface makes reservation administration much easier. With a few clicks, you can make single or even multiple bookings. Check-in & check-out are simpler, too. Billing is not complicated at all; you can see everything on just one screen. It’s also pretty easy to add charges or items to the invoice even if the reservation is checked out.

All the revenue-related reports are handy and available to export in excel. With real-time inventory updates in the channel manager, you can distribute the availability and the rates on time across all the channels. Most importantly, rate loading for 365 days is way too easier in the PMS than in the channel manager.

And our team is also looking to the future. I was surprised to see that HotelTime PMS can charge the credit card without any payment terminal. With this advanced solution, we will become the first property in the UAE to have an auto payment setup. This will eliminate all the hours of manual work and errors

Rahul Sati
Clust. Director of Revenue,
Suha Hospitality

About SUHA Hospitality

SUHA Hospitality consists of four properties located in the emirate of Dubai. Strategically located across the city, all four properties are accessible for guests looking to revel in Dubai’s magnificence, experience what the amazing city has to offer, attend to business engagements, or relax on their extended holidays in fully serviced apartments.


Before implementing HotelTime Solutions software, Suha hotels were using locally developed system. Although being built based on their request, Suha team was looking for a solution that will offer a good customer support service and open doors towards more automated processes.

Client’s needs:

  • Solution for multiple properties and cost reduction
  • Reliable reporting


SUHA Hospitality operates four hotels in Dubai. Therefor they needed a system that will help them manage all properties smoothly and won’t be very complicated. HotelTime Solutions software was an ideal choice. Our cloud-based system is very handy, the team works with shared guest database, and it is very easy to switch between hotels – they only need two clicks to see information about different property.

Decision to use a cloud-based software also meant a cost reduction. Suha hotels don’t need their own IT department now and they also don’t have to take care of servers. With the processes being manageable easily, hotels also don’t need much staff.

Our software also helped Suha with reporting. Before implementing HotelTime PMS, the management was fully focused on all the operational aspects, on bookings and payments. Now that they have a system which produces reliable reports and automatically sends reports to management every day, so they can deeply discuss forecast and business properly as well.

The data the management gets contain information about all properties – shown separately but also in comparison. So, they have perfect idea about what is going on in their hotels.

Client’s needs:

  • Elimination of manual work
  • Integration with third-party software


Managing all offered services with HotelTime Solutions software and apps brought higher level of automation into Suha Hotels and significantly reduced the amount of manual work staff must do – at the reception, reservations, revenue, and housekeeping department.

Apart from that we also brought Suha hotels the possibility of implementing third-party software. HotelTime Solutions systems are developed to be an open platform and we have a long list of partners from which our clients can choose the best tech stack for their operation.

Suha decided to start using SiteMinder channel manager which resulted in more visibility for the hotels and Atomize for revenue management which definitely increased their revenue. If they stayed with the previous PMS provider, starting to use these systems would never be possible.