Joanne Bowers

“Although we are not a canonical hotel, we have found that HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS system suits all of our needs and requirements. The team really took the time to consult with us through the system setup, in order to ensure it suited our needs. HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS even did some technical development work to get the correct solution. Since it went live, the system has made a huge difference to our operations: streamlining processes, improving management reporting, allowing greater flexibility with the management of groups and invoicing, and vastly improving revenue by integrating with all the various distribution platforms. Of course, we faced some challenges along the way, but the support staff (and the management team) were always on the other end of the phone and willing to help. A very happy (non-hotel) customer over here on Wigmore Street!“

Anglo Educational Services Case Study

Joanne BowersAccommodation Manager
Jana Lanyova

We very much appreciate the working relationship we have with HOTELTIME SOLUTIONS a.s. They enhance our operations with their products and services. The product is user-frienldy and flexible and their support are always helpful and efficient. In short, HOTELTIME is our partner who always has time for our hotels.

Alessandro Garzotto

“ After almost 2 years we evaluate this decision as the best one our company could have made.”

Garzotto Hotels & Resorts Case Study

Jana LanyovaGeneral Manager
Bal Sandhu

“HotelTime is an easy, user friendly, and adaptable reservation system for any size of hotel.”

Bal SandhuGeneral Manager
Milan Pavelka

“We appreciate the user-friendliness and the cloud solution since it allows easy and clear reporting anytime, anywhere.”

Milan PavelkaDOSM
Ranjit Singh

“The process of switching from our old reservation system to Hotel Time could not have been made simpler.”

Ranjit SinghGeneral Manager
Ben Bansal

“We have been using HotelTime system for the hotel and the restaurant and we are extremely happy with how it works.”

Ben Bansal Owner
Villiam Sivek Jr

“One of the biggest advantages is that both systems for hotels and restaurants are cloud based so we can access our data from anywhere.”

Villiam Sivek JrCEO
Vojtěch Haša

We like the in depth statistics that we are able to get from HotelTime. The HotelTime interface is quite intuitive and easy to use. The paymasters feature is very useful for use with events. Vento is super easy to use and versatile. Also, it can be used as in depth as needed. The inventory system is easy to use once you learn how.  Good, quick support.

Vojtěch HašaOwner