Case Study – Asten Hotels

HotelTime Solutions software has enabled Asten Hotels to manage all properties more flexibly, automate internal processes, and it also minimized manual work allowing personnel to devote maximum time to guests. 

Main benefits 

  • easier and more flexible management thanks to the accessibility of the system from anywhere 
  • reduced costs for IT administration 
  • modern and efficient operation of hotels thanks to great possibilities of integration with other systems 
  • more automation, less manual work, and more time for guests 


  • legacy on-site system 
  • significant IT and server costs 
  • limited integration and automation possibilities 
  • complicated group reporting 
  • complicated remote access to on-site systems in hotels 
  • a large amount of time spent doing manual work 

About Asten Hotels 

Asten Hotels is a chain of 5 boutique hotels that are located in Prague and Špindlerův Mlýn. Asten Hotels focus both on individual and corporate guests and offer first-class service to meet the demand of these guests who can also enjoy many great F&B and Spa outlets.

“After years of experiences with other PMSs, HotelTime Solutions’ system was the first cloud-based we decided to try. Our 5 properties in Prague and Špindlerův Mlýn rely on it, and we are all completely satisfied. The degree of automation that their software provides (for example in the form of automatic payments) saves a lot of time for all our staff who can pay full attention to our guests.”

Jiří Gajdošík
Managing Partner, Asten Hotels

Asten Hotels and HotelTime 


HotelTime Solutions software has brought Asten Hotels‘ management the level of efficiency required, especially when travelling between hotels. Because it is cloud-based software, information from all properties is available from anywhere, both via PC and via mobile phone. Management can therefore make decisions based on up-to-date information and is also able to consider reports the software creates that can be adapted to their needs. 

But it’s not just the management of Asten Hotels that benefits from greater efficiency brought by HotelTime PMS. In practice, a cloud-based solution also means having a shared database of guests. The hotels’ staff, therefore, has one place where all data about guests from all 5 hotels are saved – including their previous stays and preferences. These Information are shared amongst hotels and thank to that all personnel have a perfect overview of guests and their needs. This allows hotel staff to provide the best service possible and it also speeds up check-in/out processes. 


The change of PMS and the transition to a cloud-based solution meant a great step forward for Asten Hotels. Since HotelTime PMS is an open platform, it enabled better integration options. Asten Hotels have decided to use D-EDGE channel manager. D-EDGE & HotelTime PMS offer 2-way interface (1 or 1.5-way is also possible) which enables a fully automatic transfer of inventory, pricing and reservation data between the PMS and platforms such as In addition, D-EDGE also enables payment automation.  


Thanks to HoteTime PMS, Asten Hotels could start automating payments. The integration of HotelTime PMS to D-EDGE channel manager allows the PMS to receive and tokenize credit card numbers. Thanks to that, credit cards can be automatically pre-authorized and/or payments can be automatically taken at a pre-set time. The staff does not have to set payments manually, which saves a lot of time and significantly speeds up the hotel processes.  

Also, the follow-up procedure is automated. HotelTime PMS is connected to the accounting software and automatically sends all accounting information to this software removing the need to input data manually. 

In addition, HotelTime PMS and our e-concierge application enable automation of the check-in process. Guests can check-in online and avoid delays at the reception. 

Automation is an important step for a chain of luxurious properties such as Asten Hotels which provides services primarily focused on the guests and their maximum satisfaction. Automation minimizes manual work of the staff, who can then focus more on their guests – which means both the staff and the guests benefit.

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