Case study
9.6.2022 —— 5 reading minutes

English boutique hotel

In Losehill House HotelTime Solutions opened a way to build a more effective operation.

Options to implement integrated third-party systems have led to greater automation and to an increase in the hotel’s total revenue.

Main benefits of using HotelTime

  • Effective and professional hotel administration even with a small team
  • Comprehensive solution – for accommodation, restaurant, and also a spa
  • A lot of possibilities for the implementation of integrated third-party systems that led to better communication with guests, increase in revenue, or less manual work
  • Daily reporting for management

About Losehill House

Losehill House has been developed into the finest boutique hotel and spa in the Peak District. This 1914 Arts and Crafts gem redeveloped as a boutique country hotel and spa occupies a secluded spot on the side of Losehill. The unequaled location, combined with friendly local staff, award-winning Grafene Restaurant, and Thalgo Spa are just some of the reasons why guests adore this place. 


The hotel originally used a legacy system which provided insufficient connection between different services that Losehill House offers (accommodation, restaurant, wellness) and there was no possibility of integration with third-party software. Therefore, hotel staff had to do lot of tasks manually, automation practically did not exist.

Hotel’s needs: 

  • Effective and professional administration of a hotel that offers a wide range of services (accommodation, restaurant, spa) 
  • Cloud system 


Three systems from the HotelTime Solutions’ portfolio became the basis of the Losehill House operation, namely HotelTime PMS, Vento POS, and Libero, software for wellness.

The wide range of hotel services is now managed by systems that belong under one platform which brings the hotel the advantage of perfectly interconnected systems. In practice, it means that: 

1) management has at its disposal complex reporting covering all hotel services (systems share information with one another), 

2) guests can order services online by themselves – for example, they can book time in the spa (even before arrival) or order food from the restaurant directly from the room, 

3) ordered services (restaurant, spa) can be credited to the guest’s hotel room account, etc.

Hotel’s needs:  

  • Implementation of third-party systems 
  • Make use of the potential that the available software has to offer  


With previous systems, it was impossible for Losehill House to implement for example a channel manager or any other third-party system which improves hotels’ operation. This has changed with the decision to switch to HotelTime Solutions’ systems which as being an open platform allow hotels to implement third-party software.

First of all, the revenue of the hotel increased almost immediately thanks to the implementation of RMS (Atomize), which optimizes prices (several times a day).

Furthermore, a large amount of manual work that the hotel staff had to do was eliminated. Thanks to the perfectly functioning integration between HotelTime PMS and other systems, a lot of tasks are now done automatically (e.g., updating information about free hotel capacities thanks to SiteMinder channel manager, communication with guests before arrival thanks to GuestJoy, price updates, etc.). Thanks to this, the hotel staff can focus on the guests’ needs.

The overall operation of the hotel has been simplified thanks to AeroGuest, whose application allows online check-in or installation of mobile keys (by the way, completely contactless operation of the place is a great advantage in times of COVID-19 waves).