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1.3.2024 —— 5 reading minutes

Mountain Boutiques’ success with HotelTime PMS

Mountain Boutiques, a luxury chain hotel chain nestled in the stunning landscapes of Sri Lanka, encountered operational difficulties with their previous property management systems. Having experimented with various PMS solutions without finding satisfaction, the hotel was determined to swiftly transition to a more effective system that could cater to their specific requirements. HotelTime Solutions emerged as the chosen partner for this transformation.  

Main benefits of using HotelTime Solutions 

  • Accurate reporting
  • User friendly
  • Multi currency 

After many years of experiences with other Cloud PMSs, Hotel Time Solutions was the first system that we are 100% satisfied with.  Our three properties in Sri Lanka (Weerawila, Haputale & Rakwana) rely on it. The degree of automation that their software provides saves lot of time for all our staff who can pay full attention to our guest.

Channa Nissanka
Director of Mountain Boutiques 

Mountain Boutiques

Mountain boutiques (Flameback Eco Lodge, The Capoe House a Rosewood Manor) are three intimate, stylish, service-driven boutique hotels in Sri Lankan mountain areas combining diverse landscapes and nature with unparalleled hospitality. They offer tailor-made experiences (such as picnics under waterfalls) & fusion menus inspired by sustainable initiatives for experiential travellers.


Mountain Boutiques prioritized several key attributes in their quest for an efficient PMS solution. They sought a system that could easily be adapted to local conditions, supported multi-currency transactions, provided accurate report generation, facilitated debtor tracking, and offered precise forecast and revenue reports. The hotel aimed to simplify the reservation process, introduce a retail sales option, manage multiple properties on a unified platform, and employ a user-friendly interface that helped build and maintain a comprehensive client database for future reference. 

Client’s needs:

  • Local & foreign made PMS 
  • Easy reservation process
  • Tracking of debtors
  • Reliable reporting


Mountain Boutiques chose HotelTime Solutions based on its proven track record in delivering effective PMS solutions. The client had experimented with various PMS options, ranging from simple local ones to globally recognized systems, and found that only HotelTime met their specific needs. The selection was influenced by HotelTime's capabilities in accurate reporting, debtor tracking, and client database management. Additionally, the seamless integration of HotelTime with an external channel manager further enhanced its appeal. Remarkably, the implementation process was efficiently completed in just a few weeks, highlighting HotelTime's commitment to swift and successful deployment. 

Client’s needs:

  • Automation
  • Multiple properties on the same platform


The transition to HotelTime PMS proved to be a transformative step for Mountain Boutiques, resulting in operational excellence and improved guest experiences. The system's user-friendly interface, accurate reporting, and tailored features have empowered the hotel to streamline processes and achieve a new level of efficiency. Mountain Boutiques now enjoys a seamless PMS solution that aligns perfectly with their unique requirements, marking a significant improvement in their overall operations.