News —— 25.1.2023 —— 3 reading minutes

HotelTime Solutions won HotelTechAwards 2023

The beginning of new year was once again in the name of announcing the winners of HotelTechAwards. HotelTime Solutions were among them: 

  • HOTELTIME ranks #3 in the Property Management Systems category on Hotel Tech Report.
  • HOTELTIME ranks #1 in the Restaurant Management Software category on Hotel Tech Report and won the title 'Best Restaurant Management Software of 2023'.
  • HOTELTIME ranks #1 in the Spa Software category on Hotel Tech Report and won the title 'Best Spa Software of 2023'.

HotelTechAwards are always a great but tough contest. We are running against very good competitors and must rely on clients and partners who review our software and work as such. Thus, our success is not our own. We are very thankful for every client review and partner recommendation (Atomize, Profitroom, RateGain, For-Sight, NetAffinity and more). 
We know from HotelTech Report that during the 3-month 2023 HotelTechAwards period, 864,613 hoteliers across 127 countries visited HotelTech Report contributing more than 16,000 verified hotel software product reviews. That are amazing numbers. And the result is the rankings which help hoteliers to choose the best tech equipment available. Winners of the HotelTechAwards are determined based on verified client feedback. More than 2,000 products are globally ranked based on factors like usability, customer support, likelihood to recommend, partner network strength, and integration compatibility. 
There is so much potential for innovation in hospitality. It's amazing how much difference a good hotel tech stack can bring to guests, hotel staff and indeed the hotel's bottom line. HotelTechReport is doing a very good job creating such an extensive source of information for hoteliers, helping them make the right decision in such a complex environment of hotel software. We are happy to be a part of the ecosystem.” 
Jan Hejny, CEO HotelTime Solutions