News —— 16.2.2023 —— 10 reading minutes

No Woman, No Cry. Why You Should Be Concerned About Ransomware. NOW!

A study by Cloudwards found that, in 2021, a striking 37% of businesses and organizations worldwide underwent a ransomware attack.

According to a report from Datto, 85% of Managed Service Providers identified ransomware as the most common malware threat their small and medium business clients face.

Has a guest ever approached you and requested that you print a boarding pass from a USB stick that they provided? This is something else to be wary of. As a hotel worker, it is essential to be cautious when using USB devices, especially ones given to you by guests. These devices can potentially contain malicious software, which can infect your computer and compromise your network security.

How may hotels reduce the chance of being affacted by ransomware attack? Read on that topic in Jan Hejny's article.