News —— 28.2.2024 —— 10 reading minutes

Revolutionizing hospitality transactions: The seamless world of in-person payment terminals

In 2022, HotelTime Solutions added Adyen among its integrated systems. Adyen has ensured faster processing, better automation of online payments, and unparalleled security within the HotelTime Payments service ever since. And now is the time when HotelTime Solutions supplies clients with Adyen fully certified and PCI-compliant in-person payment terminals compatible with HotelTime PMS, offering an additional layer of security through advanced features such as tokenization. 

Adyen is a payment platform that provides a modern end-to-end infrastructure connecting directly to Visa, Mastercard and consumers’ globally preferred payment methods. Together we pave the way for a seamless and secure payment experience in the world of hospitality.

So, let's delve deeper into the complexity and benefits of these terminals!

The power of tokenization: Data security without compromise 
Thanks to these terminals and our integration with Adyen, it is now possible to upload data from the card directly into the PMS at the point of sale. One key aspect contributing to enhanced security is tokenization. This process involves replacing sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, with a unique identifier - "token." The sensitive data is securely stored in the payment gateway in an encrypted manner, while the token, free of any meaningful details, is what travels through the transaction process. This means that even if intercepted, the token holds no value or sensitive information, protecting against potential misuse. Bid farewell to payment security concerns!

3D secure transactions: A protection for hoteliers 
All transactions through these terminals are 3D secure. In this type of transactions, the guest is required to authenticate their identity using an additional step (e.g. signature, PIN, biometric verification). In cases where disputes may arise, the fact that the transaction underwent 3D Secure authentication significantly increases the likelihood of a successful resolution in favour of the hotelier.

Operational staff agility and more time for guests 
Each transaction is linked to HotelTime PMS and assigned a unique 16-character identifier known as the PSP reference (Payment Service Provider). This alphanumeric identifier, comprising both numbers and letters, ensures a robust and traceable record of every financial transaction.

The PMS connectivity enables the hotel to automate processes efficiently. For instance, the hotel can effortlessly and automatically charge the saved (tokenized) card for the guest's stay, as well as handle other payments, such as expenses incurred at the restaurant. The utilization of PSP references adds an additional layer of traceability and organization, streamlining the management of financial transactions within the hospitality setting. No more manual intricacies, as the interconnected system ensures a swift and secure flow of financial transactions.   

Streamlining reporting and accounting 
Adyen terminals also significantly simplify reporting and accounting processes. With a centralized platform, financial transactions, payment details, and guest expenditures are effortlessly consolidated, eliminating the need for reconciling data from various sources. This streamlined approach not only saves time but ensures accurate, readily accessible financial records for auditing and strategic decision-making. By having everything from one provider, Adyen, your financial team can focus on strategic financial planning rather than navigating complexities associated with managing multiple systems.  

User access management of the terminals 
You can set 3 levels of password for secure user access management, allowing you to customize roles and permissions tailored to the responsibilities of different staff members. This capability ensures a secure and controlled environment, granting specific access levels to roles such as receptionists, supervisors, and executives. For instance, receptionists may have access to essential functionalities for guest check-ins and payments but may be restricted from processing refunds. On the other hand, supervisors, with elevated permissions, can perform more complex tasks like handling refunds or overrides.  

Hassle-free experience – Setting up your terminal 
Our process is straightforward – you place an order for Adyen terminals, and we take care of the rest. We handle the entire journey, from physically delivering the terminals to your hotel to setting them up seamlessly. Our dedicated team ensures not only the physical installation of the terminals but also the configuration and connection to your HotelTime PMS. This end-to-end service is allowing you to focus on your core operations while we take care of the technical intricacies.

Adyen terminals offer versatile connectivity options, whether through a reliable cable connection or the flexibility of a 4G SIM.

You can brand your terminal screen with a hotel logo. Customization is key, and with our terminals, you have the opportunity personalize the terminal screen by featuring your hotel's distinctive logo, creating a seamless extension of your brand identity with every transaction.

Paperless operation 
Embracing the digital era, our integration with Adyen not only revolutionizes payment processes but also paves the way for a completely paperless operation. With every detail seamlessly managed within your Adyen account, your HotelTime PMS, and directly integrated into the accounting system, the entire transaction lifecycle becomes effortlessly paper-free. From payment initiation to record-keeping, this streamlined approach not only aligns with environmental sustainability goals but also contributes to operational efficiency, minimizing manual paperwork and enhancing the speed and accuracy of financial processes.