HotelTime – an Open Platform

We embrace the notion of hoteliers being free to choose their own ‘tech-stack’, after all every business is different and why should a PMS system constrict and dictate the associated technology to be used within the hotel?

This is why our PMS is built as an open platform. This means we are ready for two-way integrations via our API’s. This means that you, the hotelier are free to choose the best third party technology solutions for your business.

Many PMS providers claim to offer multiple integrations, but simply supplying one-way text data is not an open-platform. HotelTime allows for real two-way integrations for complete optimisation of all your preferred technology.

We even have third party providers implementing our API without our direct knowledge as we encourage our clients to truly take advantage of our Open Platform and we believe that this gives you, the hotelier a distinct advantage.

Here is a sample list of the types of API’s we provide to enable two-way integrations. We are adding more month by month and when requested.

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