HotelTime PMS

HotelTime PMS enables efficient hotel management, saves costs, and ensures the satisfaction of your guests. Moreover, it can be easily connected with other HotelTime Solutions systems developed to facilitate the management of various segments of hotel operations.

  • Cost saving
  • User friendly
  • Automation
  • Quick training
  • Universal solution
  • Robust reporting
  • Guests’ satisfaction
  • Modernisation of operation

More than 640 clients in 20 countries worldwide. 
Operating hotels or independent hotel chains of various sizes.
HotelTime PMS helps you save time and money.

Efficient and easy operation management

Robust reporting (on operations, sales, reservations, etc.) provides management with a detailed overview and allows perfect control. In addition, hotel chains can rely on multi-property reporting, which provides transparent information about individual hotels.

Cost savings

With HotelTime PMS, you don't need to own servers or run an IT department. We regularly update the system free of charge as part of the license. The high level of automation you achieve with HotelTime PMS also saves costs.

Maximum automation

Thanks to our integrations with third-party systems, you can achieve efficient operations and first-class service even with minimal staff. Extensive integration options also bring the possibility to equip hotels according to hoteliers' needs technologically.

A system easily accessible from anywhere

The system is available through any web browser on any device. It can be easily adapted according to the needs of a particular hotel and is easy to use. PMS is suitable for all properties including large hotels and resorts. HotelTime PMS is GDPR and PCI compliant and ensures data security.

Easy and fast implementation

The software is installed in hotels by a team of professionals with many years of experience in the hospitality industry and hotel operations. Subsequent staff training is also quick, with staff operating the system after a few hours of training.

Premium customer support

HotelTime PMS is a user-friendly system. In case clients have any questions, they can contact customer support. Support is available seven days a week via phone, email, WhatsApp, live chat and the customer portal, in Czech, English, and specifically in the languages of some markets where HotelTime Solutions operates (e.g., Thai).