Vento POS

Does your hotel have a restaurant, wine bar or F&B? With Vento POS you can increase your staff’s flexibility and efficiency.

  • Staff efficiency
  • Easy administration
  • Cost saving
  • Integration with PMS

POS system that facilitates the operation of restaurants,
wine bars or similar businesses.

Easy operation management

Vento is a system suitable for hotels' F&B departments, and independent businesses but also for companies with multiple branches. It enables efficient and easy management of restaurant operations, thanks to detailed reporting, tools for efficient inventory management, pricing tools, etc.

Fast inventory and flexible operation

Vento will speed up your stock and bar inventories and guarantee fewer errors. In addition, the software allows for flexible removal of devices (cash registers) and their addition, for example, in case of a malfunction. Thanks to Vento, waiters can be mobile and take orders on any device.

Easy training

The software is implemented by a team of professionals with many years of experience in the hospitality industry and hotel operations. We emphasize a personal approach. As a result, the whole process is fast, and the staff can work with the system after a few hours.

Accessible from anywhere

Vento is available through any web browser on any device. As a result, it is easy to use and can be easily adapted to the needs of a specific operation. At the same time, the cloud-based solution allows management to view data about the operation from anywhere.